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Jan-6 Christians the most persecuted group in world for second year: StudyPerry ChiaramonteFoxNewsMedia/Opinion
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Nov-15 Using God’s name to justify violence is 'blasphemy,' Pope Francis saysElise HarrisCNA Media/Opinion
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Sep-15 10th Video Catches Planned Parenthood:
We Sell “Fresh” Aborted Baby Eyes, Hearts and “Gonads”
Steven ErteltLifeNews.comMedia/Opinion
Sep-1 Pope: “During the Jubilee all priests will be able to absolve faithful of the sin of abortion”ANDREA TORNIELLIVatican InsiderMedia/Opinion
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May-27 Vatican: Irish same-sex marriage vote a 'defeat for humanity'Rosie ScammellUSA TodayMedia/Opinion
May-26 China’s ruling Communist Party warns its members that harbouring religious beliefs will be punishedAsiaNewsAsia NewsMedia/Opinion
May-25 The devil knows Christians are one, says Pope FrancisCindy WoodenCatholic Herald UKMedia/Opinion
May-22 DC Court Tells Catholic Groups: Submit to HHS Mandate or Pay Massive FinesPETER JESSERER SMITHNat. Cath. RegisterMedia/Opinion
May-13 Iraqi Christians have lost everything – except their faith, nun tells CongressMatt HadroCNA Media/Opinion
May-12 Pope Francis: Spare no effort in defending life, familyCNACNA Media/Opinion
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Mar-25 Partial legal victory for student rejected by college, in part because of comment on faithCatholic World NewsCatholicCulture.comMedia/Opinion
Mar-20 Canada Supreme Court: Catholic schools have right to teach Church viewsCNACNA Media/Opinion
Mar-17 Dear Gay Community: Your Kids Are HurtingHeather BarwickThe FederalistMedia/Opinion
Mar-15 Pope grieves Pakistan bombings, says world hides Christian persecutionElise HarrisCNA Media/Opinion
Mar-9 Supreme Court revives Notre Dame's Obamacare contraception objectionsLawrence HurleyReutersMedia/Opinion
Mar-5 Neglecting your elderly relatives is a mortal sin, says Pope FrancisCindy WoodenCatholic Herald UKMedia/Opinion
Mar-4 Religious freedom increasingly at risk in India as new attacks are perpetrated against ChristiansNirmala CarvalhoAsia NewsMedia/Opinion
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Mar-2 Silencing the Church’s VoiceCardinal WuerlDiocese officeBishops, Priests
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Feb-26 Indians rise up to defend Mother Teresa's legacy after attack by Hindu leaderCNA/EWTNCNA Media/Opinion
Feb-20 Coptic Christian bishop: I forgive ISISDaniel BurkeCNNMedia/Opinion
Feb-18 Christians murdered in Libya whispered name of Jesus before death, bishop saysCatholic News ServiceCatholic Herald UKMedia/Opinion
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Jan-9 Number of Persecuted Christians Worldwide Tops 100 MillionEWTNNat. Cath. RegisterMedia/Opinion
Jan-7 Court protects Catholic-owned company from HHS mandateCNACNAMedia/Opinion
Dec-18 ‘Ukraine Catholics being driven underground,’ say Church leadersCatholic HeraldCatholic Herald UKMedia/Opinion
Dec-8Little Sisters in court: Don't stop our ministry of serving the dying poorMary RezacCNA Media/Opinion
Dec-6 Pope Francis decries persecution of Iraqi Christians in video messageAnn SchneibleCNA Media/Opinion
Nov-15 Pope Francis blasts abortion, euthanasia as 'sins against God'Elise HarrisCNA Media/Opinion
Nov-14 Seal of confession is absolute, even after penitent dies, officials sayCindy Wooden Catholic Herald UKMedia/Opinion
Nov-12 Pope calls for global "mobilization of consciences in favor of persecuted Christians"AsiaNewsAsia NewsMedia/Opinion
Nov-12 Religious freedom battle 'daunting,' but bishops urged to persistMatt HadroCNA Media/Opinion
Nov-6 Election 2014: Pro-Life Wins Big PETER JESSERER SMITH Nat. Cath. RegisterMedia/Opinion
Nov-3 4 out of 10 countries limit religious freedomDomenico AgassoVatican InsiderMedia/Opinion
Oct-30 Judge grants university in Florida temporary injunction on HHS mandateMadeleine TeahanCatholic Herald UKMedia/Opinion
Oct-20 Christian ministers told to perform gay 'weddings' or face jail timeCNACNA Media/Opinion
Oct-14 City of Houston demands pastors turn over sermonsTodd StarnesFoxNewsMedia/Opinion
Oct-8 USCCB General Counsel Submits Comments on Latest Version of HHS Contraceptive MandateUSCCBUSCCBBishops, Priests
Sep-30 Christian groups stand with diocese to protect Seal of ConfessionMatt HadroCNA Media/Opinion
Sep-18 Pope: those who acknowledge their sins "open their hearts in the confession of sins, to encounter with Jesus" AsiaNewsAsiaNewsMedia/Opinion
Sep-11 Iraqi Christian: ‘ISIS terrorist held a sword to my throat but I refused to convert’Simon CaldwellCatholic Herald UKMedia/Opinion
Sep-10Obama Admin Still Attacking The Little SistersWSJWall Street JournalMedia/Opinion
Sep-5 US diocese asks Supreme Court to reverse decision compelling priest to break confessional sealCatholic News ServiceCatholic Herald UKMedia/Opinion
Aug-22Faith of Iraqi Christians called unbreakable, despite persecutionBlanca RuizCNA Media/Opinion
Aug-20 Prayer a stronghold in life, death of Catholic journalist James FoleyAdelaide MenaCNA Media/Opinion
Aug-19Who Will Stand Up for the Christians?RONALD S. LAUDERNew York TimesMedia/Opinion
Aug-18 Francis on Iraq: It’s up to the UN to decide how the aggressor will be stoppedAndrea TornielliVatican InsiderMedia/Opinion
Aug-14 Report: 128 Christians killed in last year in PakistanCWNCatholicCulture.comMedia/Opinion
Aug-11 Cardinal Nichols: Events in Iraq Are Tyrannical, Horrendous, Akin to GenocideZenit Staff ReporterZenit.orgMedia/Opinion
Aug-10 In Korea, Pope Francis to visit cemetery for aborted babiesCNACNA Media/Opinion
Aug-10 Pope Francis Voices Outrage, 'Disbelief' Over Iraq ViolenceThe Associated PressThe Associated PressMedia/Opinion
Jul-30 Bishops' plea to US government: help Iraqi ChristiansCNACNA Media/Opinion
Jul-30 Evangelicals hail Pope's Caserta visit and apologise to CatholicsVatican RadioVatican RadioMedia/Opinion
Jul-3 Supreme Court Order Suspends Contraception Rule for Christian CollegeAdam LiptakNew York TimesMedia/Opinion
Jul-2 Religious leaders support law used in Hobby Lobby rulingCNACNA Media/Opinion
Jul-2 Wave of religious freedom rulings follows Supreme Court decisionAdelaide MenaCNA Media/Opinion
Jun-30 Supreme Court upholds religious freedom for Hobby LobbyCNACNA Media/Opinion
Jun-30USCCB Statement on Supreme Court "Hobby Lobby" DecisionUSCCBUSCCBBishops, Priests
Jun-30 EWTN granted emergency relief from contraception mandateCNACNA Media/Opinion
Jun-26 Supreme Court's abortion clinic ruling hailed as win for womenAdelaide MenaCNA Media/Opinion
Jun-20 Religious Persecution, More Widespread Today Than 1700 Years AgoVISVatican Information ServiceMedia/Opinion
Jun-19 Affront to Freedom EDITORSNat. Cath. RegisterMedia/Opinion
May-24 Francis calls for religious freedom in Middle East on Holy Land tripFrancis X RoccaCatholic Herald UKMedia/Opinion
May-16 Death sentence for Christian in Sudan draws global criticismCNACNA Media/Opinion
May-15 A Christian Without a Church Is Purely Idealistic, Pope Francis SaysELISE HARRISNat. Cath. RegisterMedia/Opinion
Apr-27 John XXIII and John Paul II inscribed in the Book Of SaintsVISVatican NewsMedia/Opinion
Apr-11 Standing up for Christians in China is about standing up for freedom of conscienceFr Alexander Lucie-Smith Catholic Herald UKMedia/Opinion
Apr-11 Pope Francis calls abortion an ‘abominable crime’ in strongest remarks to date Hilary WhiteLifeSitenewsMedia/Opinion
Apr-11 Pope Francis: Satan exists in the 21st century and how we can fight himVatican RadioVatican NewsMedia/Opinion
Apr-10 Students outraged as union votes to ban pro-life ralliesMadeleine TeahanCatholic Herald UKMedia/Opinion
Apr-4 Pope Francis Interview: “Believers and non-believers, we're all brothers and sisters”Vatican RadioVatican RadioMedia/Opinion
Apr-3Pope entrusts Rwandan reconciliation to Our Lady of KibehoCarl BundersonCNA Media/Opinion
Mar-27 Pope Francis Brings Up Pro-Life, Religious Freedom Concerns During Obama MeetingSteven ErteltLifeNews.comMedia/Opinion
Mar-26 Women rally outside Supreme Court for religious libertyAdelaide MenaCNA Media/Opinion
Mar-25 ObamaCare v. Religious LibertyWSJWall Street JournalMedia/Opinion
Mar-21 Pope to Mafiosi: Turn away now from the road to hellFrancis X. RoccaCatholic News ServiceMedia/Opinion
Mar-21 This film destroys the negative propaganda about Down syndrome in just two minutes Francis PhillipsCatholic Herald UKMedia/Opinion
Mar-12 Group of 200 Catholic employers sues to block HHS mandateCNACNA Media/Opinion
Mar-4 Pope Francis: There are Christians nowadays condemned for having a BibleVatican RadioVatican NewsMedia/Opinion
Mar-3 State Department Condemns Ultimatum Given to Syrian ChristiansDaniel ArkinThe Associated PressMedia/Opinion
Feb-27 Obama’s “Right to Worship” Ushers in New State ReligionRev James V. Schall, S.J.Crisis MagazineBishops, Priests
Feb-26VIDEO: Francis asks US televangelist for his blessing Robert MickensThe TabletMedia/Opinion
Jan-24 New Supreme Court injunction benefits Little SistersEWTNCNA Media/Opinion
Jan-22 Fr. Robert Barron on Anti-Catholic PrejudiceFr. Robert BarronYoutubeBishops, Priests
Jan-21 Pope tweets support for pro-life rallyTraci G. LeeMSNBCMedia/Opinion
Jan-14Religious Hostilities Reach Six-Year HighPewResearchPew ForumMedia/Opinion
Jan-13 Pope Francis says world peace is threatened by abortionFrancis X RoccaCatholic Herald UKMedia/Opinion
Jan-10 'Faith can do everything,' reflects PopeElise HarrisCNA Media/Opinion
Jan-6 More court victories against HHS mandateCWNCatholicCulture.comMedia/Opinion
Jan-2 USCCB president urges President Obama to grant relief from HHS mandate finesCWNCatholicCulture.comMedia/Opinion
Jan-2Religion re-enters ObamaCare debate as Sotomayor delays contraceptive mandateFoxNewsFoxNewsMedia/Opinion
Dec-26 Somalia bans ChristmasCWNCatholicCulture.comMedia/Opinion
Dec-26 Francis: “Violence and discrimination against Christians must end”Giacomo GaleazziVatican InsiderMedia/Opinion
Dec-22Pope: Contemplate St. Joseph’s 'greatness of soul'Kerri LenartowickCNA Media/Opinion
Dec-16 Another Victory Against HHS Mandate “Accommodation” Ed Whelan National ReviewMedia/Opinion
Dec-12 Religious freedom ‘highly restricted’ in 75% of nationsCWNCatholicCulture.comMedia/Opinion
Dec-12Pope launches appeal to end global hungerPope FrancisVatican NewsBishops, Priests
Dec-10 Pope Francis Lauds European Pro-Life GroupEDWARD PENTINNat. Cath. RegisterMedia/Opinion
Dec-3 Notre Dame sues over birth control mandateTom CoyneThe Associated PressMedia/Opinion
Nov-26Justices will hear contraception challenge to ObamacareRichard WolfUSA TodayMedia/Opinion
Nov-26Synthesis of the Apostolic Exhortation “The Joy Of The Gospel”News.VAVatican NewsMedia/Opinion
Nov-25 Pope: make a "definite choice" for the Lord, like the persecuted Christians of every ageAsiaNewsAsia NewsMedia/Opinion
Nov-23 Pa. Catholics granted injunction against contraception mandateAdelaide MenaCNA Media/Opinion
Nov-19 Religious-Freedom Experts: Stand Up for Persecuted MinoritiesADELAIDE MENACNAMedia/Opinion
Nov-15 Appeals court rebukes administration's 'narrow' religious liberty viewCNACNA Media/Opinion
Nov-13U.S. Bishops Issue ‘Special Message’ on HHS Mandate at Conclusion of General AssemblyUSCCBUSCCBBishops, Priests
Nov-12 Family businesses win victory in appeals court decision on HHS suitSean GallagherCatholic News ServiceMedia/Opinion
Oct-25 Pope: confession is encountering God’s forgiveness- sincere heart/child’s transparencyAsiaNewsAsiaNewsMedia/Opinion
Oct-23 Catholic groups file suit in DC court against HHS mandateCNACNA Media/Opinion
Sep-29 Materialism Robs Us of Our Humanity, Warns Pope FrancisKERRI LENARTOWICKNat. Cath. RegisterMedia/Opinion
Sep-25 Religious sisters lead first class-action suit against HHS mandateCNACNA Media/Opinion
Sep-25 World needs the Church's witness of unity, Pope teachesElise HarrisCNA Media/Opinion
Sep-25 Pope sounds alarm on anti-Christian persecutionJohn L. Allen JNCRMedia/Opinion
Sep-20Pope condemns abortion as product of ‘throwaway culture’Francis X. RoccaThe Catholic SunMedia/Opinion
Sep-19Proclaim fullness of Gospel, Pope teaches in interviewCNACNA Media/Opinion
Sep-18Cardinal Dolan's Letter to Bishops Regarding Contraception MandateCardinal DolanZenit.orgBishops, Priests
Sep-12 Eyewitness describes murder of Catholics in Syrian Christian village CWNCatholicCulture.comMedia/Opinion
Sep-11 Religious liberty key to peace in Middle East, cardinal saysAdelaide MenaCNA Media/Opinion
Sep-7 Vatican: 100,000 attend Syria peace vigilNICOLE WINFIELD Associated PressMedia/Opinion
Sep-6 War crimes tribunal suggested as alternative to strike on SyriaAdelaide MenaCNA Media/Opinion
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Sep-1Pope Francis calls for a day of fasting and prayer for peace in SyriaPope FrancisVatican NewsBishops, Priests
Aug-30 Victory for law firm as court grants injunction against HHS mandateCWNCatholicCulture.comMedia/Opinion
Aug-21 Egyptian church cancels Mass for first time in 1,600 years amid Islamist attacksFoxNewsFoxNewsMedia/Opinion
Aug-16 Scores of Churches Burned After Deadly Clashes in Egypt Ann SchneibleZenit.orgMedia/Opinion
Aug-15 Pope, religious freedom advocates lament Egyptian violenceEWTNCNA Media/Opinion
Aug-3 Women say contraception mandate takes jab at motherhoodAdelaide MenaCNA Media/Opinion
Jul-28WYD Rio: 2 million throng prayer vigil with Pope Francis (full text)Vatican RadioVatican NewsMedia/Opinion
Jul-26 Pope draws 1.5 million for Copacabana speech News WiresFrance24Media/Opinion
Jul-24 Christian lawyers sue to overturn contraception mandateCNACNA Media/Opinion
Jul-17 Pope Francis Urges Ireland and Britain to Value Every Human LifeCNANat. Cath. RegisterMedia/Opinion
Jul-16 Military archbishop welcomes religious freedom coalitionAdelaide MenaCNA Media/Opinion
Jul-5 Former Popes John Paul II and John XXIII to be canonizedCNACNA Media/Opinion
Jul-3 Religious leaders push for ObamaCare contraception mandate exemptionsFoxNewsFoxNewsMedia/Opinion
Jul-2Sainthood awaits: Second miracle certified for beloved Pope John Paul IIFoxNewsFoxNewsMedia/Opinion
Jul-1 Freedom from Government (Birth) Control Carrie GressCatholic World ReportMedia/Opinion
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Jun-29 ObamaCare contraception mandate opponents reject finalized coverage ruleFoxNewsFoxNewsMedia/Opinion
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Jun-25 Catholics, Baptists come together over conscience rights billAdelaide MenaCNA Media/Opinion
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Jun-22 Diverse faith leaders unite over religious freedom concernsAdelaide MenaCNA Media/Opinion
Jun-1914 Ways to Mark the Fortnight for FreedomUSCCBUSCCBBishops, Priests
Jun-9 Ireland: Record Numbers of Pro-Lifers Attend National Vigil Against AbortionSteven ErteltLifeNews.comMedia/Opinion
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May-24 Texas passes law permitting Nativity scenes in schoolsCWNCatholicCulture.comMedia/Opinion
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Mar-28 USCCB again urges public comments on HHS mandateCWNCatholicCulture.comMedia/Opinion
Mar-25 USCCB action alert urges public comments on HHS mandateCWNCatholicCulture.comMedia/Opinion
Mar-25Our First Right: Religious LibertyArchbishop ChaputWitherspoon InstituteBishops, Priests
Mar-22 Francis vows to press Benedict's fight vs. 'dictatorship of relativism'John L. Allen Jr.NCRMedia/Opinion
Mar-21 USCCB: HHS mandate remains ‘unprecedented’ violation of religious libertyCWNCatholicCulture.comMedia/Opinion
Mar-15 Feds can't force Domino's founder to offer contraceptives, judge saysAssociated PressFoxNewsMedia/Opinion
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Feb-22 Legislators Behind Religious Freedom Law Back Hobby LobbyADELAIDE DARLINGNat. Cath. RegisterMedia/Opinion
Feb-19 Archbishop Lori Implores Congress to Protect Conscience Rights ADELAIDE DARLINGNat. Cath. RegisterMedia/Opinion
Feb-18 USCCB: conscience legislation needed to protect believers against new HHS ‘compromise’CWNCatholicCulture.comMedia/Opinion
Feb-8 Catholic bishops reject revised ObamaCare contraceptive ruleAssociated PressFoxNewsMedia/Opinion
Feb-7 New Injunctions Granted Against HHS MandateCARL BUNDERSONNat. Cath. RegisterMedia/Opinion
Feb-7HHS Proposal Falls Short In Meeting Church ConcernsUSCCBUSCCBBishops, Priests
Feb-7 Bishops Reject Birth Control CompromiseROBERT PEARNew York TimesMedia/Opinion
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Feb-1 HHS issues proposed rules on exemptions from contraceptive coveragePatricia ZaporCatholic News ServiceMedia/Opinion
Feb-1 Obama’s New ‘Accommodation’ Offers Limited Reprieve, Most Lawsuits Will ContinueJOAN FRAWLEY DESMONDNat. Cath. RegisterMedia/Opinion
Feb-1 Court Allows Catholic Diocese’s Lawsuit to Proceed Against the HHS Mandate Edward WhiteACLJMedia/Opinion
Jan-29 Judge will hold Obama administration to its pledge to modify HHS mandateCWNCatholicCulture.comMedia/Opinion
Jan-28 Record crowd at March for Life in WashingtonCWNCatholicCulture.comMedia/Opinion
Jan-25 March for Life participants offer joyful witnessAdelaide DarlingCNA Media/Opinion
Jan-25 Pope Joins March for Life Via Twitter EWTNNat. Cath. RegisterMedia/Opinion
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Jan-10 University employee allowed back after marriage controversyAdelaide DarlingCNA Media/Opinion
Jan-8 Court temporarily halts enforcement of HHS mandate against Illinois companyCWNCatholicCulture.comMedia/Opinion
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Nov-27 Anti-abortion-rights groups slam McCainElise ViebeckThe HillMedia/Opinion
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Nov-20 Hobby Lobby appealing refusal of HHS mandate injunctionCNACNA Media/Opinion
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Nov-16 Catholic vote will remain pivotal for both parties in future electionsMichael GersonSacramento BeeMedia/Opinion
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Nov-8HHS Threat UndiminishedKYLE DUNCANNat. Cath. RegisterMedia/Opinion
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Oct-19 Miami archdiocese sues over 'real threat' from HHS mandateCarl BundersonCNA Media/Opinion
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Oct-7 The Synod and the New Evangelization: Why It’s Important for U.S. Catholics FATHER JAMES WEHNERNat. Cath. RegisterBishops, Priests
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Oct-4 Cardinal Wuerl: Synod strives to turn back 'tsunami of secularism'Francis X. RoccaCatholic News ServiceMedia/Opinion
Oct-2 Christian publisher files suit against HHS mandate following denial of exemptionVictor MortonWashington TimesMedia/Opinion
Sep-28 Catholic Bishop: Florida Voters Should Vote Pro-Life FirstSteven ErteltLifeNews.comMedia/Opinion
Sep-26 Bishops, archdiocese continue campaign for religious libertyJennifer Brinker St. Louis ReviewMedia/Opinion
Sep-23 Thousands join grassroots women's movement opposing HHS mandateMichelle BaumanCNA Media/Opinion
Sep-20 Mass, Pilgrimage For Life, Liberty Set For October 14 At National ShrineUSCCBUSCCBBishops, Priests
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Aug-29Prayer is best source of courage for facing hostile world, Pope saysDavid KerrCNA Media/Opinion
Aug-29 Final Republican platform has strong religious freedom plankMichelle BaumanCNA Media/Opinion
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Aug-20 Survey reveals increasing hostility in US towards religionMichelle BaumanCNA Media/Opinion
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Aug-17 Dolan: Ryan Is a ‘Great Public Servant’Kathryn Jean LopezNational ReviewMedia/Opinion
Aug-1Fighting the Good Fight for Religious FreedomCardinal DolanArchdiocese of New YorkBishops, Priests
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Jul-27Colo. company secures injunction against HHS mandateKevin J. JonesCNA Media/Opinion
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Jul-18 Ryken and Garvey: An Evangelical-Catholic Stand on LibertyPHILIP RYKEN AND JOHN GARVEYWall Street JournalMedia/Opinion
Jul-18 Bishops Welcome Inclusion Of Conscience Provisions In House Appropriations BillUSCCBUSCCBBishops, Priests
Jul-16 Religious Freedom Under the GunTHOMAS F. FARRWeekly StandardMedia/Opinion
Jul-11 House members seek to repeal administration's 'Religious Freedom Tax'Benjamin MannCNA Media/Opinion
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Jun-29 More to come: Lawsuits over HHS mandate keep health reform law in courtNancy Frazier O'BrienCatholic News ServiceMedia/Opinion
Jun-28 Court ruling allows religious freedom lawsuits to proceed with hopeMichelle BaumanCNA Media/Opinion
Jun-28 US bishops urge Congress to 'fix' problems in health care lawMichelle BaumanCNA Media/Opinion
Jun-28Bishops Renew Plea To Congress And Administration To Repair Affordable Care ActUSCCBUSCCBBishops, Priests
Jun-27 Washington rally brings 2,000 together in support of religious freedomMaureen BoyleCatholic News ServiceMedia/Opinion
Jun-27 At the Door of the Temple: Religious Freedom and the New OrthodoxyPhilip TartagliaWitherspoon InstituteMedia/Opinion
Jun-26Supreme Knight says HHS mandate has re-shaped country's political landscapeBenjamin MannCNA Media/Opinion
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Jun-21Launching the Fortnight for FreedomArchbishop ChaputFirst ThingsBishops, Priests
Jun-21Religious liberty is not optionalArchbishop LoriWashington PostBishops, Priests
Jun-20 Over 100 Protestant leaders announce opposition to HHS mandate CWNCatholicCulture.comMedia/Opinion
Jun-20 EWTN Celebrates Fortnight for Freedom With New Website and TV ShowsEDITORSNat. Cath. RegisterMedia/Opinion
Jun-20 Fortnight for Freedom—U.S. Catholics and religious liberty: The originsGeorge WeigelArchdiocese of DenverMedia/Opinion
Jun-19 Cardinal Dolan contrasts true freedom, 'culture of death' in new eBookBenjamin MannCNA Media/Opinion
Jun-15Key Catholic Obama ally shifts position, opposes contraception mandateMichelle BoorsteinWashington PostMedia/Opinion
Jun-14Religious Freedom Dominates U.S. Bishops' MeetingJOAN FRAWLEY DESMONDNat. Cath. RegisterMedia/Opinion
Jun-14 Experts warn about growing global crisis of religious freedomMichelle BaumanCNA Media/Opinion
Jun-14 US Bishops: Reiterate Protest at Mandate to Cover Abortifacients, ContraceptionZenitZenit.orgMedia/Opinion
Jun-14 UK churches could be forced to perform same-sex marriagesIona InstituteIona Institute Media/Opinion
Jun-13 New Letter Opposes HHS Mandate's Distinctions for Religious GroupsCNANat. Cath. RegisterMedia/Opinion
Jun-13Opening Remarks for Domestic Religious FreedomArchbishop LoriUSCCBBishops, Priests
Jun-12 Archbishop Lori highlights role of laity in Fortnight for FreedomMichelle BaumanCNA Media/Opinion
Jun-11 The Real TaboosRobert RoyalThe Catholic ThingMedia/Opinion
Jun-11Dioceses Gear Up For Fortnight For Freedom, June 21-July 4USCCBUSCCBMedia/Opinion
Jun-7 The “Catholics for Obama” Syndrome (cont.) Howard KainzThe Catholic ThingMedia/Opinion
Jun-5 Religious freedom movement holding new national rallies June 8Benjamin MannCNA Media/Opinion
Jun-5 Bill of Rights’ birthday to be celebrated in opposition to Obamacare.MATTHEW A. RAREYNat. Cath. RegisterMedia/Opinion
Jun-1 HHS mandate an attempt to remove religion from societyHillary SenourCNA Media/Opinion
May-30 Christian College Says ObamaCare Will Double Insurance CostsTodd StarnesFox NewsMedia/Opinion
May-30Pope Benedict Reflects on Confidence in God's 'Yes' to MankindAnn SchneibleZenit.orgMedia/Opinion
May-29 Sex-Selective Abortion Thrives in America, Courtesy Planned ParenthoodWeb TeamLive ActionMedia/Opinion
May-27Cardinal Wuerl on contraception mandateFox NewsFox NewsMedia/Opinion
May-25 Catholics can decide the 2012 election, expert saysHillary SenourCNA Media/Opinion
May-25 Faith leaders vow to fight threats to religious liberties in public sphereLauren GreenFoxNewsMedia/Opinion
May-24In 2012, more Americans identify as pro-lifeCNACNA Media/Opinion
May-24Pope says personal conversion is first step of New EvangelizationDavid KerrCNA Media/Opinion
May-24 Religious freedom caucuses planned for every state legislatureMichelle BaumanCNA Media/Opinion
May-24Let Freedom Ring!ARCHBISHOP WILLIAM LORINat. Cath. RegisterBishops, Priests
May-24 Activists gather to plot defense of ‘religious liberty’Lauren MarkoeWashington PostMedia/Opinion
May-24Rise of Secularism Risks Making World Inhospitable, Warns PopeZENITZenit.orgMedia/Opinion
May-24Catholic University’s lawsuit against the federal government is a matter of religious libertyLawrence MorrisWashington PostMedia/Opinion
May-24World Over - Catholic Religious Freedom Lawsuits EWTNYoutubeMedia/Opinion
May-23 Ave Maria drops student health insurance over HHS mandateCNACNA Media/Opinion
May-23 Protecting our Catholic conscience in the public squareCardinal WuerlWashington PostBishops, Priests
May-22HHS doesn’t speak for me, or many womenHelen AlvareWashington PostMedia/Opinion
May-22Fifteen years later and silent no more…The CrescatThe CrescatMedia/Opinion
May-22 Dolan: White House is "strangling" Catholic churchCBSCBSMedia/Opinion
May-22 Obama vs. Catholics, Catholics vs. ObamaROSS DOUTHATNY TimesMedia/Opinion
May-21 Archbishops Lori, Chaput to preach during bishops' religious liberty campaignCWNCatholicCulture.comMedia/Opinion
May-21 Notre Dame sues over Obama administration birth control mandateAssociated PressWashington PostMedia/Opinion
May-21The Mandate War George WeigelNational ReviewMedia/Opinion
May-21Forty-three Catholic organizations file lawsuits against HHS mandateMichelle BaumanCNA Media/Opinion
May-21Why the Bishops Are Suing the U.S. Government Mary Ann GlendonWall Street JournalMedia/Opinion
May-21Our Religious FreedomChancellor Jane BelfordYoutubeMedia/Opinion
May-20 Catholics nationwide preparing 'Fortnight for Freedom' eventsKevin J. JonesCNA Media/Opinion
May-18 Parish threatened, harassed over sign opposing 'gay marriage'Benjamin MannCNA Media/Opinion
May-18“For the Salvation of Souls”: A Farewell to Georgetown Patrick J. Deneen First ThingsMedia/Opinion
May-17 On Georgetown and the Essential Unity of All KnowledgeJames V. Schall, S.J.Catholic World ReportBishops, Priests
May-17 Congressman: There is a War on Religious Belief in MilitaryTodd StarnesFox NewsMedia/Opinion
May-17 Law professor says flawed view of sex threatens religious freedomMichelle BaumanCNA Media/Opinion
May-16 Catholic university drops student health insurance, cites ObamaCareFoxNews.comFoxNewsMedia/Opinion
May-16Washington archdiocese criticizes Georgetown over Sebelius invitationCWNCatholicCulture.comMedia/Opinion
May-16 US Bishops' attorneys call mandate 'accommodation' inadequateMichelle BaumanCNA Media/Opinion
May-15 USCCB Submits Comments on Proposed HHS Rulemaking, Urges Re-Opening of Final Rule Defining Mandate, ExemptionUSCCBUSCCBBishops, Priests
May-13 Pope calls on Catholics to take part in new RenaissanceDavid KerrCNA Media/Opinion
May-12Defending Religious Freedom in Full: A Generation’s ChallengeGeorge WeigelNational ReviewMedia/Opinion
May-12 Canadian Bishops on freedom of conscienceNews.VaNews.VaMedia/Opinion
May-11Pope underlines urgency of evangelizationCWNCatholicCulture.comMedia/Opinion
May-9 Catholic vote could be 'critical' in 2012 electionMichelle BaumanCNA Media/Opinion
May-9 Legatus Files Suit Against HHS Mandate CNANat. Cath. RegisterMedia/Opinion
May-8 On 'ad limina' trip, bishops talk about defense of traditional marriageCindy Wooden and Carol GlatzCatholic News ServiceMedia/Opinion
May-3 Pope warns doctors of relativism impacting medicineDavid KerrCNA Media/Opinion
May-2 Closeness to God gives strength to withstand everything, pope saysCarol GlatzCatholic News ServiceMedia/Opinion
Apr-27 HHS hire of Planned Parenthood spokesman reflects close relationshipMichelle BaumanCNA Media/Opinion
Apr-27 Religious Liberty is a fact of life--and of citizenshipRobert John Araujovia Ilsussidiario.netMedia/Opinion
Apr-27 Sebelius says she sought religious 'balance,' but ignored key precedentsBenjamin MannCNA Media/Opinion
Apr-26 Irish Goverment To Criminalise Seal Of ConfessionFr John HoganBlogspotBlog
Apr-26 The Republican Party’s Catholic cadre. . .coming soonAaron Blake Washington PostMedia/Opinion
Apr-23 Archbishop Wenski: religious freedom ‘under assault’ Catholic World NewsCatholicCulture.comMedia/Opinion
Apr-23 Catholic Bishops Take on ObamaVINCENT PHILLIP MUNOZWeekly StandardMedia/Opinion
Apr-23 Pope asks US donors to pray for religious freedomCindy WoodenCatholic News ServiceMedia/Opinion
Apr-20 UK: ‘New law will compel churches to offer same-sex marriages’Simon CaldwellCatholic Herald UKMedia/Opinion
Apr-19An Essential LibertyCarl A. AndersonNational ReviewMedia/Opinion
Apr-19 America needs religious awakening, Supreme Knight saysMichelle BaumanCNA Media/Opinion
Apr-18 Ecumenical group fears HHS mandate will create ‘immense injustice’ to needyCatholic San FranciscoCatholic San FranciscoMedia/Opinion
Apr-18 Obamacare, Religious Liberty, and Civil Society: What the Debate Is Really AboutRyan Messmore, D.Phil.Heritage FoundationMedia/Opinion
Apr-17 Bishop calls for ‘heroic Catholicism,’ rips Obama’s ‘radical pro-abortion agenda’ Catholic World NewsCatholicCulture.comMedia/Opinion
Apr-17 US bishops issue document on New EvangelizationCatholic World NewsCatholicCulture.comMedia/Opinion
Apr-17 Archbishop Chaput sees US trending against religious libertyKevin J. JonesCNA Media/Opinion
Apr-16 Framing the Religious-Liberty IssueGeorge WeigelNational ReviewMedia/Opinion
Apr-12USCCB: A Statement on Religious LibertyUSCCBUSCCBBishops, Priests
Apr-12 Catholic Bishops Urge ‘Campaign’ for Religious FreedomLAURIE GOODSTEINNew York TimesMedia/Opinion
Apr-12 Tyranny, Religion, and the Fight for FreedomJames KalbCatholic World ReportMedia/Opinion
Apr-11 Paul Ryan: Faith in the budget planTim MakPoliticoMedia/Opinion
Apr-11 Evangelicals Will Vote for a Mormon Candidate, Says Richard LandMichael SchererTimeMedia/Opinion
Apr-10Catholic Cardinal: A Sin to Cooperate With Obama MandateSteven Ertelt LifeNews.comMedia/Opinion
Apr-9 Cardinal Dolan decries HHS mandate, praises JFK church-state speechCatholic World NewsCatholicCulture.comMedia/Opinion
Apr-9 Live your faith in the marketplace, cardinal tells business leadersCNACNA Media/Opinion
Apr-8Easter Urbi et Orbi message, Pope Benedict XVI Pope Benedict XVI VaticanBishops, Priests
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Apr-1Relativism’s Moral MissionR.R. RenoFirst ThingsMedia/Opinion
Apr-1The Repressive Logic Of Liberal Rights: Religious Freedom,
Contraceptives, And The "Phony" Argument Of The New York Times
David L. SchindlerCommunioMedia/Opinion
Mar-30 Religious Freedom at RiskFather John FlynnZenit.orgBishops, Priests
Mar-29 Vanderbilt University policy forces Catholic group off campusCNACNA Media/Opinion
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Mar-27 UK: Students block union’s attempt to stifle free speech on abortionSimon CaldwellCatholic Herald UKMedia/Opinion
Mar-27Without God man is hurled into a void, Pope tells CubansFrancis X RoccaCatholic Herald UKMedia/Opinion
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Mar-27 U.S. Bishops, Other Denominations File Amicus Curiae Brief In Supreme Court Case Of Arizona Vs. United States USCCBUSCCBMedia/Opinion
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Mar-23Americans speak up for religious freedom at nationwide ralliesMichelle BaumanCNA Media/Opinion
Mar-23 Pope Benedict lands in Mexico as 'pilgrim of faith, hope, love'CNACNA Media/Opinion
Mar-23At Scores of Rallies, Thousands Hear Calls to Restore Constitutional Right to Religious LibertyNC RegisterNat. Cath. RegisterMedia/Opinion
Mar-23PHOTOS: ‘This is tyranny’: tens of thousands decry HHS mandate in 146 nationwide protestsKathleen GilbertLifeSitenewsMedia/Opinion
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Mar-21Religious freedom rallies planned in over 120 locationsBenjamin MannCNA Media/Opinion
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Mar-20 Obama's attacks on religion deserve impeachmentTom BenderColoradoan.comMedia/Opinion
Mar-20 Obama Administration Continues its Assault on Religious LibertyStaffLLDF.orgMedia/Opinion
Mar-19USCCB has issued 'Prayer for Religious Liberty'USCCBUSCCBBishops, Priests
Mar-19 Citizens Prepare to Rally for Religious Freedom Across the U.S. TRENT BEATTIENat. Cath. RegisterMedia/Opinion
Mar-19 Future of religious liberty at Supreme Court is cloudy—for nowKen KlukowskiWashington ExaminerMedia/Opinion
Mar-18 Obama Admin. Pushes Forward with Abortion Pill & Contraception MandateJOHN MCCORMACKWeekly StandardMedia/Opinion
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Mar-15 First secular business files lawsuit over HHS mandateMichelle BaumanCNA Media/Opinion
Mar-15 Cardinal Wuerl stresses right to public faith in new bookMichelle BaumanCNA Media/Opinion
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Mar-14Religious freedom: It’s not just Pakistan and ChinaGeorge Weigel Archdiocese of DenverMedia/Opinion
Mar-14United for Religious Freedom A Statement of the Administrative Committee of the USSCBUS BishopsUSCCBBishops, Priests
Mar-14 'Unified, focused' bishops pledge to continue religious liberty defenseNancy Frazier O'BrienCatholic News ServiceMedia/Opinion
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Mar-10Where are the women? HERE WE AREWomenWomen Speak For ThemselvesMedia/Opinion
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Feb-20The Catholic Betrayal of Religious Freedom
Liberal Catholics abandon their crown jewel.
George WeigelNational ReviewMedia/Opinion
Feb-20 List shows dozens of prominent women oppose contraception mandateMichelle BaumanCNA Media/Opinion
Feb-20 Obama Faces More Lawsuits Over Pro-Abortion HHS MandateSteven Ertelt LifeNews.comMedia/Opinion
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Feb-16Bishops counter White House claim they opposed health care reformBishop BlaireEWTNBishops, Priests
Feb-16 Testimony of John Garvey, President of The Catholic University of America Before the U.S. House of RepresentativesJohn GarveyCUACatholic Institution
Feb-16 Birth-Control Mandate Infringing on First Amendment?:
Southern Baptist Convention's Richard Land on why Obama's birth-control mandate infringes on religious freedom
Feb-16 Sisters of Life Statement Regarding the HHS MandateReligious OrderBlogCatholic Institution
Feb-16Religious Liberty?Patrick DeneenBlogMedia/Opinion
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Feb-15 Opinion: Contraception denigrates me as a womanValerie PokornyCNNMedia/Opinion
Feb-15 Cardinal urges Senate to pass bill protecting conscience in health careNancy Frazier O'BrienCatholic News ServiceMedia/Opinion
Feb-15HHS and Soft TotalitarianismGeorge WeigelFirst ThingsMedia/Opinion
Feb-15Catholic Charities denies endorsement of Obama administration's contraceptive coverage policyCatholic CharitiesFoxNewsMedia/Opinion
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Feb-14Religious leaders, academics rebuff Obama's contraception policy changeDavid UebblingEWTNCatholic Institution
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Feb-13Letter from Cardinal Wuerl to Catholics in the Archdiocese of WashingtonCardinal WuerlDiocese officeBishops, Priests
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Feb-12 Catholic Bishops Oppose Compromise on Birth-Control InsuranceLouise RadnofskyWall Street JournalMedia/Opinion
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Feb-12Gerson: Obama wants to establish secularism as state religionMichael GersonGoErie.comMedia/Opinion
Feb-11 US Bishops to President: rescind the mandatevatican radioVatican NewsBishops, Priests
Feb-11 Catholic Bishops: Obama's Solution 'Is Unacceptable'Terence P JeffreyCNS NewsMedia/Opinion
Feb-11 Bishops Reject White House's New Plan on ContraceptionLaurie GoodsteinNew York TimesMedia/Opinion
Feb-11Catholic Bishops: Don't Revise, RescindGeorge WeigelNational ReviewMedia/Opinion
Feb-11Archbishop Chaput blasts administration's 'insulting' mandate revisionBishop ChaputEWTNBishops, Priests
Feb-11 Illinois Catholic groups still worried about revised insurance mandateRyan Haggerty & S. JonesChicago TribuneMedia/Opinion
Feb-11 The bishops' tougher response to the Obama 'compromise' mandatePhil LawlerCatholicCulture.comMedia/Opinion
Feb-11HHS mandate worries Catholic business ownersJoyce CoronelCatholic SunMedia/Opinion
Feb-11Just a Minute, Mr. PresidentCardinal MahoneyBlogBishops, Priests
Feb-11The Embodiment of Culture War: On the Mandate and 'Accommodation,' Chaput SpeaksBishop ChaputPhilly.comBishops, Priests
Feb-11 Catholic politicians who attack Church should remember God's judgmentDavid KerrEWTNBishops, Priests
Feb-11 How to lie with statistics, example umpteenLydia McGrewWeb SiteMedia/Opinion
Feb-10 Bishops Renew Call to Legislative Action on Religious LibertyUSCCBUSCCBBishops, Priests
Feb-10Secularism's Toll on Catholic AmericansFr. BarronNat. Cath. RegisterBishops, Priests
Feb-10 Obama Administration Offers False 'Compromise' on Abortion-Drug Mandate:
Numerous religious organizations still forced to violate their conscience
Becket FundBecket FundCatholic Institution
Feb-10 Politics and Principle in the Contraception MandateRobert T MillerFirst ThingsMedia/Opinion
Feb-10 Evangelicals added weight to Catholic outcry over Obama contraception ruleRick WarrenCNNNon-Catholics
Feb-10 Catholic leader responds to Obama's birth control shiftPresidentFoxNewsMedia/Opinion
Feb-10 Huckabee: 'We are all Catholics now'Mike HuckabeeThe HillNon-Catholics
Feb-10 Catholic and pro-life leaders slam White House 'compromise' on birth control mandateKathleen GilbertLifeSitenewsMedia/Opinion
Feb-10 EWTN Statement on Today's Obama Announcement: Catholic network does not plan to drop lawsuit against government.EWTNNat. Cath. RegisterMedia/Opinion
Feb-10 Obama shift seeks to defuse birth-control fightS Simon/C BohanReutersMedia/Opinion
Feb-10 To Stop the Multiplication of the Unfit
Promotion of abortion and birth control is rooted in race and class hatred.
Michelle malkinNational ReviewMedia/Opinion
Feb-10 The President's Outrageous 'Accommodation' Changes NothingMario LoyolaNational ReviewMedia/Opinion
Feb-10 The Fleecing of Religious LibertyKathryn Jean LopezNational ReviewMedia/Opinion
Feb-10 Notre Dame Professor: White House Announcement Today Is 'Inadequate'Kathryn Jean LopezNational ReviewMedia/Opinion
Feb-10 White House 'Accommodation' on Abortifacient and Contraception Coverage: Smoke and MirrorsJohn mcCormackWeekly StandardMedia/Opinion
Feb-10 Bishops Studying Initial White House Movement on Religious LibertyEditorsUSCCBBishops, Priests
Feb-10United We Stand for Religious Freedom: ObamaCare's contraception mandate stands the First Amendment on its headWuerl/Colson/SoloveichikWall Street JournalMedia/Opinion
Feb-9Rep. Ellmers Hosts Press Conference on HHS MandateRep. EllmersYoutubePoliticians
Feb-9The Abortion-Rights Advocates Who Compiled the HHS MandateKathryn Jean LopezNational ReviewMedia/Opinion
Feb-9 White House fails to call Catholic bishops for mandate talksMichelle BaumanCNAMedia/Opinion
Feb-9 UnconscionableEditorsNational ReviewMedia/Opinion
Feb-9 Biden says contraceptives fight can be worked outThomas FerraroReutersMedia/Opinion
Feb-9 Dolan is 'skeptical' of President ObamaDolanNY Daily NewsBishops, Priests
Feb-9 Catholics: We Are Not 2nd-Class CitizensColin MasonTexas InsiderMedia/Opinion
Feb-9 Obama Has Picked the Wrong FightCathy YoungRealClearPoliticsMedia/Opinion
Feb-8HHS Mandate: Anti-Catholic and Un-AmericanFr. BarronNational ReviewBishops, Priests
Feb-8 Archbishop's letter on HHS mandate gets attention from Army leadersEditorsCNS NewsMedia/Opinion
Feb-8Cardinal-Designate Dolan: President Obama Needs To Stop 'Intruding Into Internal Life Of A Church'DolanCBSBishops, Priests
Feb-8154 Congressmen urge change in HHS mandateEditorsCatholicCulture.comPoliticians
Feb-8ObamaCare's Great Awakening: HHS tells religious believers to go to hell. The public notices.EditorsWall Street JournalMedia/Opinion
Feb-8Southern Baptist leader: If Obama mandate isn't changed, Christians will go to jailBen JohnsonLifeSitenewsMedia/Opinion
Feb-8 Religious liberty and the well-formed CatholicSr. RoccasalvoEWTNCatholic Institution
Feb-8 Thune: Systematic Dismantling of Religious LibertySenator ThuneYoutubePoliticians
Feb-8Senator Blunt's Remarks Regarding HHS MandateSenator BluntYoutubePoliticians
Feb-8 Obama's assault on religious freedomReince PriebusPoliticoMedia/Opinion
Feb-8 Obama administration struggles to contain uproar over birth-control ruleA Parnes, S bakerThe HillMedia/Opinion
Feb-8 We are all Catholics nowPenny Young NanceFoxNewsMedia/Opinion
Feb-8It's a question of liberty not contraceptionLorenzo Albaceteilsussidiario.netMedia/Opinion
Feb-8 Time To Admit It:
The Church Has Always Been Right On Birth Control
MB Dougherty
Pascal-Emmanuel Gobry
Business InsiderMedia/Opinion
Feb-7GOP Candidates Oppose HHS MandateEWTN/CANNat. Cath. RegisterMedia/Opinion
Feb-7 Twenty-first Century RecusantsEditorsCatholic World ReportMedia/Opinion
Feb-7 State must remain out of matters of the churchDennis ByrneChicago TribuneMedia/Opinion
Feb-7 White House to address controversial birth control policyAssoc. PressUSA TodayMedia/Opinion
Feb-7 USCCB insists: White House spreading falsehoods about contraceptive mandateEditorsCatholicCulture.comMedia/Opinion
Feb-6 Students Respond to HHS: A Sign of the TimesRobert McGillThe TowerCatholic Institution
Feb-6 Romney continues Republican line of attack on Obama over 'religious liberty'Stephanie CondonCBSMedia/Opinion
Feb-6Caesar Overreaching Once AgainTracy MehanAmerican SpectatorMedia/Opinion
Feb-6 Obama's trespass on religious libertySteve HuntleyChicago SunTimesMedia/Opinion
Feb-6 Bishop - Hitler And Mussolini 'Would Love Our (Public School) System'Patrick BurkeCNS NewsMedia/Opinion
Feb-6 Obama administration faces backlash over rule ordering birth control coverageAmie ParnesThe HillMedia/Opinion
Feb-6 Ave Maria University’s Ongoing Protest Against the HHS MandateHHAmbroseSt. Peter’s ListMedia/Opinion
Feb-5Romney Pledges To Eliminate HHS Mandate On 'Day One' Of PresidencyCNA. EurasiaMedia/Opinion
Feb-5 Analyst: Obama could lose Catholic vote over HHS mandateMichelle BaumanEWTNMedia/Opinion
Feb-5 Editorial: Contraception mandate violates religious freedomEditorsUSA TodayMedia/Opinion
Feb-5 Will the HHS Contraception Mandate Derail Obama's Chances of Re-Election?Joan Frawley DesmondNat. Cath. RegisterMedia/Opinion
Feb-5Religious Liberty HomilyFather Sammie MalettaYouTubeBishops, Priests
Feb-3Bishop Slattery HHS StatementSlatteryYoutubeBishops, Priests
Feb-3 HHS mandate might awaken the sleeping Catholic consciencePhil LawlerCatholicCulture.comMedia/Opinion
Feb-3Boehner Column: New Obama Administration Health Care Mandate is an Attack on Religious FreedomRep. BoehnerSpeakerPoliticians
Feb-3 The Obama Admininstration's Crabbed Vision of Religious LibertyJoseph KnippenbergFirst ThingsMedia/Opinion
Feb-2Boehner: HHS Mandate 'Violates Our Constitution'Kathryn Jean LopezNational ReviewPoliticians
Feb-2 President Obama's birth-control gambleGlenn ThrushPoliticoMedia/Opinion
Feb-2 Fr. David interviewed about HHS mandate and the ChurchFr. ScotchieFoxNewsBishops, Priests
Feb-2 Southern Baptist leader: Obama Contraception mandate 'is not only a Catholic issue'Ben JohnsonLifeSitenewsMedia/Opinion
Feb-2 Stop HHS: a project of Ave Maria RadioAve Maria RadioStop HHS MandateCatholic Institution
Feb-1 The Church's right to govern itself at stakeSuzanne Lewisilsussidiario.netMedia/Opinion
Feb-1 Is Obama losing the Catholic vote?E MarrapodiCNNMedia/Opinion
Feb-1 Obama's Anti-Catholic HHS MandateDuceyFoxNewsMedia/Opinion
Jan-31 White House Press Secretary on HHS contraception mandateGrant GallichoCommonwealMedia/Opinion
Jan-31 Take Action for Religious FreedomKnights of ColumbusKnights of ColumbusCatholic Institution
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